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Since iPad was brought to the market, fighting on market share never stop. Nokia, as one of mobile device makers, won’t be absent for tablet I think. But there are so many different tablets in the market, what advantages Nokia has on their tablets?

If we are satisfied with Nokia Lumia phones, and tablets from Nokia won’t disappoint us in its appearance. Actually, Lumia series phones have outstanding industrial design. And in the period when so many mobile devices are looks the same in appearance, Nokia Lumia phone is so impressive. Also, I think a user who is attracted by Nokia Lumia phones will be attracted by its appearance first. Then we have reasons to believe that appearance of Nokia tablet will be one of selling points.

And now it seems that probably Nokia tablet will runs with Windows. From Microsoft Surface, we can see that experience in it is not worse than iPad. And in some aspects, Windows tablet overwhelms iPad and Android tablets. For example, for business people, Windows tablet will give them more effective experience. And more than millions of apps can run on the Windows Tablet with Windows 8. It can be said that Nokia Windows tablets have advantage in system naturally.

Nokia Apps
From Windows Phone 8, we know that Nokia exclusive apps in the Lumia phones are one of places that attract users. Nokia Here Maps, Nokia City Lens and Nokia Drive provide users special experience. It’s very natural and possible for Nokia to apply those apps to Windows tablets. Undoubtedly, Nokia exclusive apps will make the system more perfect.

Camera on Nokia Lumia 920 is one of best cameras in the phone market. Low-light shot performance on Nokia Lumia 920 is so amazing. Although we can not make sure that Nokia PureView technology and OIS will come to Windows tablet, it will be one of biggest advantages absolutely. No one will refuse a tablet with so amazing camera.

For screen, Nokia still has advantage. Nokia has developed PureMotion HD+ and ClearBlack technologies, which enable users to touch the screen with glove. Maybe it’s not so good when you wear glove to touch the screen because of its small screen, but on the tablet, the Super Sensitive screen improve users' experience a lot.

It is hard to say that Nokia wireless charging technology in Nokia Lumia phone is very useful, but it’s still kind of innovation anyway. Although we don’t know how wireless charging exists on the tablet, resources have revealed that Nokia will provide a keyboard cover which has a built-in battery to help to power the tablet. It seems that Nokia put their efforts on how to help users have better experience on tablets. And who will deny that that’s not one of their advantages?

In the year of 2013, we may see what Nokia tablet is and get an accurate answer then.

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