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For iOS and Android device, you can see them almost everywhere in Smartphone market. In the past year, market share of iOS and Android increased a lot. And their ecosystems are more complete. It can be said that their position in the Smartphone won’t be shocked in the short term. And ndoubtedly Apple will get another growth point if they enter new and low market. While Android phones cover low-end to high-end market are expanding. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible.

Windows Phone platform became the fastest growing platform in 2013. And their apps and hardware were improved a lot. Since Windows Phone platform becoming more and more mature, it’s possible for them to become one of giants in Smartphone market. In the hardware, Nokia Lumia 920 would be the best represent of Windows Phone that could compete with iPhone. And it seems that Nokia Lumia 920 lights the hope of renaissance of Nokia and even Windows Phone platform.

Another force that can’t be ignored is the BlackBerry 10 from RIM. In the past years, because of old fragile blackberry OS, RIM began to go downhill and lagged behind its rivals a lot. It was 2012 when Blackberry 10 was created. On Jan 30th 2013, RIM will officially release BlackBerry 10 OS and devices. However, in the entrepreneur market, RIM still stays at the boss position by its secure Blackberry service and devices. For the new OS, it can’t be denied that Blackberry 10 is expected because of its new features like Blackberry Flow and BlackBerry Balance.

Firefox OS which is developed by Mozilla Corporation will come into application in 2013. Different with Android, experience on Firefox OS is based on browser and HTML5, which makes it simple and low-cost to develop apps. Meanwhile, Firefox OS is a Web OS and calculation of apps and data happen in the cloud, which means that requirement on mobile device is lower than other OS. As it’s a Web OS, Firefox OS will get more favor of Internet company like Facebook (sources said that Facebook phone may runs with Firefox OS)

Even for the most successful Android phone maker Samsung, they do have a plan B. Although Samsung is successful in 2012 by its Galaxy phones and even overwhelm Apple, Samsung plans to sale Tizen devices in this year. Considering Motorola was bought by Google and Google’s intention in hardware, Samsung said officially that 2013 will see the sale of Tizen devices powered by Intel. In order to get rid of dependence on Android of Google, Samsung will support Tizen by their efforts. And it’s possible for Samsung to form their own ecosystem

The gestures-based system, Sailfish, will come to users’ hand in 2013 if no delay happens. In the end of 2012, Jolla announced Sailfish based on Meego. And we can see impressive highlights in Sailfish like gesture, compatibility with Android apps and multitasking features. Different with Apple, Jolla said that they will pay more attention to China which is the biggest phone market. For now, we can’t make sure about whether experience on Sailfish devices is bad or not. Anyway, Sailfish is an expected OS and gives us another choice in Smartphone.

Well, just days ago, Ubantu founder announced Ubantu OS for mobile devices. Ubantu is an open source PC system based on Linux. Like Sailfish, Ubantu mobile OS is a completely gestures-based. According to the founder, it will provide better experience on integration of PC and mobile devices. And low requirement on hardware and cross-platform capability are also advantages of Ubantu mobile OS. But it’s too early to make any judgments on Ubantu phone now, because Ubantu phone device won’t hit the market until 2014. But at least, the mobile system war has one more player.

Then what do you think of those mobile systems in 2013?

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