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If you go back to 2007, and held a phone with 3.5 inches screen, others may feel surprised by the giant thing in your hand. Well, seemly 3.5 inches phone has became a tiny phone now, it’s not something new any more that people held 5 inches phone in their hands.

Success of Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3 inches screen changes people’s minds on phone screen size. Huawei released Ascend Mate with 6.1 inches screen which may lead to another new period of phone screen size. Not only Huawei, many phone makers in CES 2013 pushed their new android phones with at least 5 inches screen. And we may ask, does the phone size will continue to increase? And does it have a standard spec?

In the CES 2013, Sony Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend D2/Mate, Lenovo K860i and so on, all of them have 1080p resolution screen, meanwhile their screen size are increased to 5 inches at least. When we enjoy the higher resolution screen, we have to think about the question. Does the phone size fit us?

For Huawei Ascend Mate, the largest screen phone, its size is up to 163.5×85.7×9.9mm. I can’t image how difficult it is to handle just by single hand. And that is the key point, the screen size could be up to 6.1 inches, but can we accept a phone with a size that out of our single hand control? Just for an example, in Android phone, the notification zone usually is in the top area of phone screen. Can you pull down the notification bar by your finger and then press the home button all just by single hand fluently in 6.1 inches screen phone? I think most of us can’t do that fluently except that your hand is much larger than ordinary.

After all, no matter how high the resolution or how large the screen, improved users’ experience is what phone makers pursue. Maybe the larger screen is another kind of creeation. However, for a 6.1 inches phone, whether it’s too large or not, it’s up to you anyway.

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