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Although some big brands like Nokia and Samsung didn’t launch their flagship phones may until MWC 2013, we can still see the development trend of Flagship phones in 2013 from some released phones in CES 2013. And it is the CES 2013 that started an new era of flagship phone.

1080p screen
If 720p screen is the standard spec of flagship phone in 2012, then it will be replaced by 1080p in 2013. Compared with 720p, the differences which 1080p screen bring may be subtle, but 1080p screen will take users experience to a new level absolutely, especially in game and movie.

Quad-Core CPU
Samsung had released first eight-core mobile CPU and Huawei said that they will launch eight-core CPU too, and even handsets with eight-core CPU. However, general speaking, the flagship phone in 2013 still would be powered by Quad-core CPU. On one side, latest CPU from Nivdia and Qualcomm is still Quad-core. Besides that, Quad-core CPU would be more mature in consumption and performence this year.

5 inches above screen
Since success of Samsung Galaxy S3 in 2012, even the latest flagship of iOS, iPhone 5, is criticized by its just 4 inches screen. Undoubtedly, 5 or even up to 5.5 inches screen phone can bring users more. But whether 6.1 inches screen like Huawei Mate can still be called phone, I’m not sure now.

2500mAh above Battery
A phone with 5 or even larger screen with 1080p screen and Quad-core, it wouldn’t be a real flagship phone if not powered by a large battery. But how large? As different mobile OS has a different requirement on its battery, so, generally speaking again, 2500mAh battery at least is on par wtih flagship.

10MP above camera
Well, 12MP is not so a fresh thing in the past year. But most flagship phone sin 2012 are still 8MP around like iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. But in 2013, as new generation camera sensor from Sony and Sharp was made, 12MP and 13MP would be a standard spec in flagship phone especially in Android phones. Anyway, it is not 100%. Resources said Nokia may bring out their new PureView Tech phone that Nokia 808 camera may appear in Lumia phones.

Then what a flagship Smaetphone should be in your mind?

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