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Compared with other Smartphone operating systems, complete mobile office suit is built in Windows Phone 8, which gives users improved office experience. Users can check, create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and OneNote anytime and anywhere. So far, more than 50 languages are supported by Office Mobile Suit in Windows Phone 8. And almost the same experience as desktop Windows makes it easier for users to handle office business on Windows Phone 8.

In Windows Phone 8, OneNote is built in as a dependant app. Users can record ideas and different kinds of notes like text, images and audio. Besides that, users can log on Microsoft account to visit or search note on other devices. Also, OneNote experience on Window Phone 8 is almost same with OneNote 2013 in Office 2013 PC Suit and OneNote in other platforms.

Furthermore, Microsoft improves web office for Windows Phone 8 handsets, which makes it easy for users to handle on web office by touching screen.

Meanwhile, SkyDrive service makes the Office more effective on Windows Phone 8. No matter where, users can always back up Office docs and OneNote notes to Cloud by Wi-Fi or cellular network. At the same time, users can revise docs in SkyDrive on Windows Phone 8 by Office Mobile or share docs with colleagues, families or friends. No matter on mobile phone, laptop or tablet, docs on different handsets can always be backed up by SkyDrive. In addition, SkyDrive offers 7 GB storage for free.

Email, calendar and contact tools and push service based on Exchange service are also integrated into Windows Phone 8 to improve office efficiency. For Office 365 entrepreneur users, they just log on their own account and then use Office 365 service in Office Mobile.

Beyond all doubt, Microsoft brings lots of convenience to users by Office Mobile, SkyDrive and other integrated tools. Actually, Windows Phone 8 had brought something that we expected.

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