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If you own Dance Central 2 on the Xbox360 then you may be happy to know the Dance Central 2′s companion app Dance-Cam has been released in USA, I personally dont have Dance Central 2, and I dont live in USA, but from the information I have read the app shows videos of you dancing infront of Kinect

Think you’re a dance superstar?
Get ready, because Dance Central 2’s Dance*Cam puts you in the center of your very own music video!
Step up to the dance floor with some of the biggest dance hits of all time! Record yourself or a friend dancing along with our Dance*Cam and we’ll remix, light up, and transform your performance into a personalized dance video.
Then, put your dance-cred on the line by challenging your friends to an old-school Dance Battle! Take to the mean streets of Facebook to prove that only you can truly own the dance floor.
- La Roux – ‘Bulletproof’
- Montell Jordan – ‘This Is How We Do It’
- Electric Valentine – ‘Body To Body’
- Sean Kingston – ‘Fire Burning’
- Armanni Reign – ‘Reach’
- Far East Movement – ‘Like A G6’
- Enrique Iglesias – ‘I Like It’
After you’ve proven yourself to your friends, see if you can handle yourself in the game. With a killer soundtrack, the best routines, and all-new multiplayer features, Dance Central 2 is sure to get your party started. Visit www.xbox.com/dancecentral2

Dance-Cam Screenshots

Dance-Cam XAP Download


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