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Because of weak sales of Windows 8 and Windows RT in Christmas sales season, according to Forbes, the market movement away from Microsoft products, toward Apple and Android products, has not changed. And the decline in PC will lead to death of Microsoft. For that, Forbes wrote an article Sell Microsoft NOW! Game Over – Ballmer Loses. Just leave aside why Forbes gives that comment, not all data and comments in that article are the truth actually.

"With the data now coming it, it is clear the market movement away from Microsoft products, toward Apple and Android products, has not changed. On Christmas Eve, as people turned on their new devices and launched their first tweet, Surface came in dead last – a mere 2% compared to the number of people tweeting from iPads. (Kindle was second, Android third." Article said that the market movement away from Microsoft products, toward Apple and Android products has not changed according to Surface RT sales data in Christmas season from Twitter.
As we know that Twitter doesn’t release any Windows 8 or Windows RT official clients so far. And Metro Twit, Tweetro and Rowi work universally in Windows 8 and Windows RT, which can’t indicate user’s devices. It means that Forbes counts number of users in Web Twitter through browser UA. So the 2% is a little bit one-sided actually.
It has been more than two years since iPad was sold and now number of iPad in the market is so large. But Surface RT, was just sold for two months by Christmas Eve. If 2% is real, actually, it’s not bad at all.

For the decline in PC, Forbes quotes IDC and Goldman "From 95% market domination in 2005 share has fallen to just 20% in 2012 (IDC, Goldman Sachs.) Comparing devices, in 2005 there were 55 Windows devices sold for every Apple device; today explosive Apple sales has lowered that multiple to a mere 2." As a matter of fact, the directional reports which were doubted by media from Goldman are not few. Janet I. Tu, Editor from Seattle Times, ask Goldman why Apple market share boomed from 5% to 21%, Microsoft fallen from 95% to 49% and others from 0% to 29%. While answer from Goldman isn’t clear: more non-PC calculating devices were used by ordinary consumers but no more details.
Anyway, it's biased for Forbes to quote such disputed data

PC sales decline is a solid fact as most users have one or two PCs in house. But obviously, Microsoft makes money by its software more but not hardware. And Microsoft still gain profits by its software service when PC sales was hurt, for example the Exchange and Azure. Microsoft covers business systems of different receivers, such as personal, enterprise and government.

For Windows 8 sales, Microsoft announced that Windows 8 has hit 60 million during two months on 9th Jan 2013. And the Windows 7 also took two months to hit 60 million. But don’t forget that Windows 8 has to face a saturated market by Windows 7. However, Windows 7 was facing a market which was damaged by Vista. Apparently, Windows 8 sale is more difficult than Windows 7.

In CES 2013, many makers including Lenovo, Asus and Samsung pushed their new Windows 8 devices which will promote development of Windows 8.Game absolutely is not over. As a healthy company, Microsoft is a generalist covering OS, Office, developer tools, entertainment and enterprise applications. It seems impossible to strike down Microsoft in the short term. Btw, iCloud is also based on Windows Azure.

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