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Nokia to launch project EOS at #MWC13: a Lumia 920 with 41Mpx Pure View camera. Also metal body Lumias.

— Flavio (@flapic) January 22, 2013

While Nokia's current Windows Phone 8 flagship, the Nokia Lumia 920, technically includes a camera with "PureView" technology, it isn't really the same as the 41-megapixel behemoth found in the Nokia 808 PureView. Initially Windows Phone wasn't a platform suitable for facilitating such a high-megapixel sensor, which explains Nokia's choice of Belle for the device's OS, but this is set to change if sources from The Verge are to believed.

According to their unnamed sources, a brand new Windows Phone is in the works over at Nokia, said to be codenamed "EOS", that reportedly includes a "similar sensor" to the one found in the 808 PureView. This phone with a vastly improved camera would be the flagship of a new 2013 range, and will also apparently be built of aluminium (as opposed to the polycarbonate of the Lumia 920) utilizing a brand new style with squared edges.

This aluminium-bodied, real-PureView-toting device is not to be confused with an already rumored Lumia refresh that is said to also have an aluminium body; that device codenamed "Catwalk" is the second in this series, which will include a third mid-range device and possibly more further down the track. Nokia is also said to be working on a rumored Windows RT tablet that will also debut in 2013, but like with this EOS device, not much is known about Nokia's upcoming devices in the way of firm specs.

via neowin

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