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A lot was made of how great the display is on the Lumia 920 and with good reason. Especially with how sensitive the screen is that you can use gloves while and still use your smartphone.

How sensitive is the screen was the question NokNokTV asked themselves and the answer was… Super sensitive as they were able to still play games while wearing 5 gloves at the same time using the Lumia 920.

Having a super-sensitive touchscreen on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 means you can have fun out in the snow and still be able to access the screen and use Windows Phone. However, we were wondering just how sensitive it was — so heading out armed with multiple pairs of gloves and a neat game to check out we thought we’d find out.

The best way to check out just how sensitive the Nokia Lumia 920 is was to play a round of Archer – it’s a rather touch sensitive game that needs you to be in tune with your screen if you’re to score big.

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