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On 24th Jan 2013, Nokia announced that Nokia 808 PureView would be Nokia last Symbian phone. Symbian brought so many glories to Nokia in the past, while gets its end today. However it's also Symbian that brought decline to Nokia in recent years.

June 1998, Psion together with Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia founded the Symbian Company. As a open platform, Symbian attracted ARM, TI, Panasonic, Siemens and Lenovo and so on. In 2000, after Symbian 5.0 was released, Ericsson launched the first Symbian phone, R380, which was even considered the ancestor of Smartphone.


In 2002, Nokia made four world records on its Nokia 7650. Nokia 7650 is the first Symbian Smartphone and the first phone has build-in camera, slide and five-dimensional navigation. After then, Symbian developed fast. In 2003, Symbian made up 72.8% market share. The next year, Symbian OS 8.0 came out. And in the same year, Nokia almost controlled the Symbian.

Actually, Nokia began its golden period at 2005. Nokia launched three Symbian Smartphones, Nokia 3230, 6680 and N70, and all of them almost dominated the Smartphone market.

In the beginning of 2006, the S60V3 was born. And then Nokia released E61, N72, N73 and N93. And all of them became phones which customers scramble to buy. It can be said that, no matter what kind of Symbian phone Nokia made, it always be hot. In the Q1 of 2006, market share of Windows Mobile together with Palm, RIM and Linux was still less than Symbian. However, Nokia made up the largest 36% market share of global mobile devices then by its hot Symbian phones. And the wave lasted two years including devices like N82, N76 and N95 later. At that times, it's Nokia that stood on the top of world mobile device.
In 2007, one thing that could change the world happened. Steve Jobs launched the iPhone, which is still a weak phone then. In this year, E71 is still the best phone


Although Nokia 5800 and other variants brought great fortune to Nokia, obviously, their user experience is bad than rivals. Anyway, it still can’t prevent the hot sale of phone like Nokia N97. This year, Nokia bought the Symbian completely, since then, Symbian became another name of Nokia.

In 2008, Google announced Android. Touching screen Smartphone led by Android and Iphone became the mainstream. LG, Sony Ericsson and Samsung all switched to Android from 2009. While Nokia became single on Symbian OS. But Nokia still kept fighting on Symbian platform. In next half year of 2010, Nokia launch the brand-new platform, Symbian^3. It’s a milestone for Nokia and Symbian. But facing attack from iPhone and Android, Symbian^3 didn’t save declining Nokia. In 2011, Nokia fell to No.3 in Smartphones markets, after Apple and Samsung. And its market value is just 7% of Apple. And in this year, Nokia switched to Windows Phone platform and renamed the Symbian. It was then that we knew Symbian will die in the end.
And today we have to say goodbye to Symbian as Nokia announced that Nokia 808 Pureview with 41MP camera would be the last Symbian device

Another Beginning

All in all, Symbian bore so much glory of Nokia. In such times, Symbian is doomed to be a tragedy hero. And undoubtedly, Nokia 808 PureView is just a test. However, the last Symbian device proved its worth because 41MP Camera in it proves Nokia's great potential on camera building at least, and what is the most important that it makes next Lumia PureView phone with Windows Phone OS possible. And from this perspective, Nokia 808 Pureview with Symbian OS just leads another beginning of Nokia on Windows Phone platform. And it also can be sure that next Nokia Lumia flagship phone will carry forward excellent PureView genes on Nokia 808.

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