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The Publisher of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 hit ‘Cut the Rope’, Zeptolab might bring more of their games to Windows Phone. Their other two hit games, Parachute Ninja and Pudding Monsters are pretty popular on other platforms and would be great fit for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We asked a simple question guys from Zeptolab: is it worth waiting Pudding Monsters and Parachute Ninja on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Unfortunately, the answer is we have not got. Julia Daniel of Zeptolab said that the team has already thought about porting their new games for new platforms, but so far no decision is final.

In turn, wp7forum.ru is holding a poll to try and push for the game. If your interested in playing any of these games on a Windows Phone anytime soon, you can go on their site here and vote.

 via wp7forum.ru

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