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While every OEM is stating that the Windows Phone 7.8 update is coming to all their Windows Phone 7.x devices. HTC was backing off that idea as they had stated via Twitter that they have no 7.8 plans for the HD7 yesterday.

Now it seems that was either a mistake or they weren’t sure ‘when’ it would arrive. Either way, one of our readers (marco), commented on the article stating that his HD7 was in fact updated to Windows Phone 7.8 with pictures to prove it.

"last night at about 23:45 I received the notice of upgrade available for my device (always updated officially, the only change that the memory is 16GB instead of the one 8gb and I did two weeks ago) … I have finished charging the battery, connected to PC, sync with Zune … made two minor updates … and the third was to update the operating system. OFFICIAL .. Windows Phone 7.8 on my HTC HD7 … here send photos immediately with date and time stamped …"

Anyone else getting the update for their HTC HD7?

Thanks Marco for the images….

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