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Today, Nokia announced that Windows Phone 7.8 was here. They stated that the update started rolling out today and would be making its rounds to folks around the world for the next few weeks.

Turns out however that our old forcing NoDo trick has been working for folks now with the Windows Phone 7.8 update. For those that don’t know the old trick, here it is.

1. Start Zune
2. Turn off Data connection and Wifi on the Phone
3. Connect the Phone with the PC (USB)
4. Start the update search in Zune
5. About 3 seconds later, disconnect your PC from the internet (Turn WLAN off).
6. Zune finds Mango-Update. Press OK.
7. Connect to the internet again and install the update.

There you have it, this quick and easy workaround will work if (and only if ) your carrier has already began rolling out the update. Good Luck!

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