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It surprised us that Huawei released the variant of Huawei Ascend W1, Windows Phone 4Africa, for African market but not in Russia or America. And from then on, Huawei head for Africa officially. 



Oct 2011, Microsoft began another plan for Africa and Middle-East. Actually, Microsoft and Brightpoint promoted Windows Phone platform by e-commerce officially in the end of 2011. On 25th Jan 2012, Nokia held a special press in South Africa for Lumia phones. As we know that, smartphone market in South Africa is one of important cash maker for Nokia.


July 2012, Microsoft increased countries supporting Windows Phone up to 180 countries. And the new added countries are mainly developed countries in south-east Asia, middle-Europe, middle-America and south America.   


On 5th Feb 2013, Huawei announced Windows Phone 4Africa available with four colors hitting Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. At the same time, some local apps are also built in for different countries in Africa. And that just part of Microsoft strategy for Africa.

 When talked about Africa smartphone market, Gustavo Fuchs, Windows Phone department manager for Middle-East and Africa said that market occupancy of smartphone in Europe is up to 50%, while even less than 10% in Africa.


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