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Last month, Intel posted a job looking for a Windows Phone Engineers. And it reminds us the possibility of combination of Intel X86 CPU and Windows Phone platform.

Actually, it’s not the first time that Intel chip is connected with Windows Phone. In CES 2013, senior marketing manager, Greg Sullivan, said that Windows 8 runs on Wintel devices, and Windows Phone runs on Qualcomm CPU based devices, but their system architecture is completely optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile device focus more on power consumption than PC device. And ARM architecture is more balanced in performance and consumption, that’s why ARM becomes main stream on mobile devices. However, Intel low-power consumption x86 CPU let us see its prospect on the balance on performance and consumption. Even reviews indicate that latest Atom CPU is highly effective.

In last June, president of Intel Mobile Communication Department gave the hints that Intel provided X86 chips for Windows Phone.

All so far is just about words, but Windows Phone with X86 CPU would be kind of fact in the future.

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