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Mirror's EdgeMirror's Edge
The Windows Phone Xbox Live title Mirror's Edge, from EA Games, is a 2D platformer with interesting gameplay taken from the 2010 console version. The player takes on the role of Faith and has to help her avoid corrupt authorities by performing a number of acrobatic stunts to bypass obstacles and other elements.


It’s long been rumored that Nokia exclusive games and apps are just timed exclusives and will eventually become available to all Windows Phone users. Today a happy occurrence has answered one question for us. Former Nokia-exclusive Xbox game Mirror’s Edge is now available to all Windows Phone 7 and 8 users, just over six months after its original release!

Mirror’s Edge takes place in a futuristic dystopian setting. An unnamed metropolis’ steps towards preventing crime have also turned it into a place where there is no freedom of information and citizens are monitored at all times. Sort of like working at Microsoft! Anyway, a group of parkour-practicing couriers called the Runners evolved to help spread information without interference from the government. Now the powers that be want to stamp out those Runners…

Players control Faith Connors, a lithesome Runner as she struggles to complete missions and evade capture. Unlike the 1st-person console versions, the smartphone game takes place from a 2D perspective (with 3D graphics). The visuals look fairly sharp even on Windows Phone 8 devices, and the music (surely borrowed from the big screen version) is unparalleled on our platform.

Mirror’s Edge is essentially a fast-moving platformer, but it controls unlike any other mobile title I’ve played. All of Faith’s actions are controlled with a single finger. Swipe left or right to run, down to slide, and up to jump or climb. It’s a very intuitive system that hardcore and casual gamers alike should appreciate.

The game boasts 14 levels of free-running and lots of collectibles to find along the way. Challenging Speed Runs extend the replay value while also offering the requisite Achievements. Speaking of which, the full 200 GamerScore can be earned in a fairly short while if you’re good enough.


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