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Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we though we it would be a great idea to give you a few pointers on what the best top 10 Windows Phone apps would be for the occasion.

Granted, some of you might already have plans with your beloved one, but considering that the following top 10 Valentine’s Day apps could lend a hand, you should probably check them out.

All of the following apps are designed to set you in the “loving” mood and get things started between you and your partner in terms of a romantic engagement.

1. We’re going to start off with something “HandMade”, because you wouldn’t want to show up at her doorstep with something as corny as flowers, would you?

HandMade is just the app to give you a couple of tips on what you can actually do with your bare hands (flowers, paper animals, etc..) so that you can impress you special someone.

The app is completely free of charge and you can download it from the Windows Phone Marketplace here.


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