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Tetris Lamp
This cool light by Paladone takes Tetris' classic brick shape and turns them into illuminated, stackable pieces for a fully customizable lamp.

Barbie Digital Dress Dol
Barbie's Digital Dress doll combines fashion and tech. Girls can create and select their own digital designs, which light up on Barbie’s dress.

Voice-Recognition Dinosaur
Named Jagger, this dinosaur from VTech Toys responds to voice commands. If you tell it to roar, it will. If you tell it to move forward, it will do that too. And you can even transform it into a construction truck. How's that for dino versatility?

USB Squirming Tentacle
A tentacle that wiggles and squirms when you plug it into your USB port on your computer? Consider us entangled. However, this USB from ThinkGeek doesn't store any data.

Augmented Reality Solar Map
This map from Popar Toys is 3D interactive. By launching an accompanying app, users can hold a tablet up to its surface to reveal more information about the planets. Popar Toys also has a line of 3D interactive books with augmented reality.

Crayola Photo Mash-Ups
Photoshop for kids? Crayola has introduced a new digital photo application and accessories, allowing young users to smash, morph and mash photos together to create collages. Available for iOS and some Windows 8 tablets, the set will cost $19.99 when it debuts in August.

Robots were a plenty at the 2013 Toy Fair in New York City, including one called the Attacknids from U.K.-based company Wow! Stuff. The remote controlled Attacknid robot moves with realistic spider-like motions and features a rotating head. It fires discs up to 30 feet and can be synced and controlled with other Attacknids when in game mode.

Magic iPad App
A new app from Fantasma Toys allows users to play card and magic tricks with the help of the iPad. The app is free when accessories and other kits are purchased.

Billed as the first-ever animated back pack for kids, the Snot the Zombie bag is interactive. It's eyes move when people pass by, it makes noises and comes with an attached remote control.

Romo Robot
This smartphone robot (for iOS) can be controlled, trained and has a personality of its own. He learns about you and emotions by mimicking what he sees.

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