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Building TowerBuilding Tower
Welcome to Build The Tower! Here you can construct your own skyscraper. In this skill game, you will see blocks hung by a rope, and what you need to do is to release the block when it flies over the position you want it to land.


Building Tower is a new fun and free game that not only challenges you to build building and towers with a crane, you also get to build a city.

There are two modes in this game


Your goal is to build as high and as stable a building as possible. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see the current height of the building, how many tries you have left, and the current population of the building.


In Build City mode your goal is to create a thriving Megalopolis! Build towers and place them wisely in the city grid to reach the goal. Increasing your city’s population and level will unlock new building types.

I have had this game on most of my mobile phones over the years starting with a very early Nokia, which was really smooth, and then on Android which played ok but not as good as the old Nokia. I am now trying this version on a very powerful laptop with a fast processor and 8GB or ram, and it runs at such a low frame rate that you would think it was running on a 80s Spectrum 48k. It's only just playable really, and should be so much better than this.

It's AMAZING!!!! It's amazing it will keep you entertained for hours. so I would definitely recommend it!!!!! I hope you have as much fun as I have!! so get building your own city!!!


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