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Create your own structure-free and rich dashboard and get it real-time synchronized between all your Windows 8 devices.


Here is an app that not only is free but very… cool. qool is a tasking app that lets you drag and drop different tasks all over your screen. You can choose from different colors and even add pictures, files voice notes and more.

The app lets you create your own fully customizable dashboard, on which you can paste sticky notes regarding to-dos and important events, graphical charts related to an important business presentation, images and videos, and various files of other types. What’s even more impressive is that everything you add to your dashboard automatically gets synchronized across all your Windows 8 and RT devices via your Microsoft account, which can be really useful if you have let’s say, a Windows 8 PC and a Windows RT tablet, or a Windows 8 PC at work and one at home.

The elegant interface of Qool is worth commending from top to bottom. Upon launch, you can pick your dashboard ‘draw’ (the developer’s name for each canvas of the app for you to work on) from a host of custom designs, where each design boasts its own format and purpose. You can either pick a clean dashboard to keep things simple and minimal, or choose among other patterns like planning your week, organizing your priorities, creating a to-do list , business model canvas etc. You can also change to a different draw at anytime later on.

The app also gets you acquainted with how to use Qool on a touchscreen-based Windows RT device. For instance you can double tap to create a tile, use the app bar to navigate other elements, and so on.

Even if you skip all the how-to instructions, the usage is dead simple. What you basically have to do is double click or double tap anywhere on the dashboard to create a new tile. The tile lets you jot down anything you want, be it a sticky note, or a reminder to pick up your spouse from the airport. You can also customize the color of the tiles on the fly, and use the rounded arrow buttons near any tile to increase or decrease its size. Since the dashboard allows to keep things organized, you can easily move the tiles around by dragging them wherever you want. Likewise, any uploaded files, images or videos can also be moved around.

If you want to quickly manage the added tiles on dashboard, hit Organize from the app bar and you will presented with a few different ways to reorganize them like Light, Dynamic, Structured, and Stair.

Speaking of the app bar, you can do a few other things from here as well. For example, along with changing the color or organizing things a bit, you can use mark a task as completed using the Score button, pin a tile to the Start Screen, or simply remove it from the Dashboard.

If you bring up the app bar without first selecting a tile, you’ll be presented with a separate set of controls including Upload file, Audio Record, Video Record, Take Picture, Clean, Select All, and Dashboard – the last of which allows you to change the draw and the background of your dashboard.

This app really has tons of potential, hopefully they will add the ability to have more than one dashboard.

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