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Pocket-lint reports that popular iOS and Android app New Star Soccer may be heading to Windows Phone.

Pocket-lint spoke to the developer Simon Read and asked about Windows Phone support, who responded, saying:

"That’s in the pipeline, maybe for version 2. I should be able to do a Windows Phone version, the language I use will build to the device. It’s just a case of finding the time to make that version and test it.”

Speaking to BAFTA award-winning developer Simon Read, we have discovered that New Star Soccer 2 is already in the planning stage. And a Windows Phone version will be coming too.

"There will be one more update to the existing New Star Soccer, but it's come to the point that I'm thinking about a completely new version," we were told by Read.

"It will be much more polished aesthetically. It will use many of the same features, obviously, but we'll try to bring in new stuff - new match action, bit more depth to the off-pitch stuff. Yeah, I'm ready to crack on with a completely new version now."

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