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Here's what happened: The host tried to get some valuable info out of Elop, asking him about the Lumia 928 and when Nokia's going to release it. Obviously, the Lumia 928 is yet to be announced, so Elop wasn't willing to say anything about it. However, that wasn't enough of a reason for the host to stop questioning the CEO about the 928. Elop then tried to change the subject by saying that he's using the show as a stage to announce that the Nokia Lumia 620 is coming to Finland, but, as you can imagine, that wasn't enough for the interviewer. Finally, the host took out his iPhone and said that he doesn't want to have an iPhone, but a Nokia phone, because he believes in Nokia (and he's Finnish, so it kind of makes sense). Then Elop said that he can easily remedy this, took the presenter's phone and threw it away. It didn't become clear if the iPhone survived the fall, but a minute later Elop promised to give the host a new Nokia phone.

Here's for hoping that it'll be a high-end Lumia smartphone, otherwise the change wouldn't be very fair


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