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Lock Widgets Lock Widgets
You can pick up LockWidget 8 here in the Windows Phone Store


Did you remember the Locked Screen Widgets concept over at Windows Phone Hacker throughout it's development? Were you excited that LockWidgets 2 had been released?  Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker as released a new app onto the Windows Phone 8 Store and it’s worth the $0.99 for it.

Users can select the background image from Bing, NASA or their own images and include “weather effects”, which can add rain droplets and presumably other graphical changes to the background image.

The app does have a free trial (and it will stamp “Trial version” on the lockscreen, overlapping with your calendar information) but users are free to use it for as long as they want.[Edit: Watermark for app trial has been removed]. Otherwise, if they enjoy the app they can unlock the full version for $0.99.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker;

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