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Pathematical Pathematical
Draw a path through the math! Add, subtract, and multiply to find a path on the game board that equals the target number. Complete challenges to unlock more difficult levels.


Pathematical, a math-based puzzle game recently released for Windows 8, is now available on Windows Phone.  The premise is simple: a game board is filled with numbers and math operators (addition, subtraction, and multiplication),  and the player finds a path through the board to reach a certain numeric goal.

The game has two modes: “Relaxed” and “Challenge”.  In the Relaxed mode, the player has unlimited time to complete as many puzzles as desired, and the difficulty is set by the player.   Challenge mode pits the player against a timer, requiring the player to complete a certain number of puzzles before time runs out.   The difficulty ramps up in Challenge mode, starting very easy and progressing to rather hard.   The variable difficulty makes the game suitable to children learning math skills, and to adults who enjoy a good math puzzle!

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