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April 1 is coming soon: Have you prepared the perfect little prank this year? Check out these fun apps to get some good ideas on what you can do this April Fools’ Day!

#10: X-Ray Machine

It’s what’s inside that counts, so show your friends exactly what they don’t have inside with this fake–x-ray app. It displays x-ray images you can position over human or animal body parts (and even a purse!) to create the illusion of an actual x-ray taking place. You can even shock people with images of fractures, parasitic infections, and other undesirable things within.

Turn your phone into an X-Ray Machine!

You can perform X-Ray imaging of hand, arm, brain and other body parts or objects. The X-Ray image can be moved slowly via tilting your phone or through touch, to simulate a live X-Ray.

A great tool for entertaining adults and kids alike.

Use the fun features to explore inside women’s purses (and reveal the unusual stuff), or to show your friend that she or he has a peanut-size brain. Other fun X-Rays reveal a fracture inside the arm or a scary brain-eating bug inside the skull. X-Ray your dog to prove that he has eaten your homework (Finally there is proof!). You can also surprise your friend by showing them that the X-Ray reveals they are pregnant (It works great on guys too and scares the heck out of them!)


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