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The shot looks more colourful on the Lumia 920 but when you see look close up at the fabric on the mice, detail is perfect on the N8, while the Lumia 920 can’t quite produce as real a picture.

When the same shot is taken without the flash though, the N8 struggles, and the picture comes out blurred. I believe due to the OIS in the 920, and possibly because of its lower F number.

Until the Nokia 808 PureView arrived, the Nokia N8 ruled the cameraphone world. That hump at the back meant the N8 had the largest sensor ever put on a phone (which was only beaten by Nokia themselves).  The N8 still gives current smartphone competitors a run for their money (even besting many in various situations) so a comparison between the N8 and the Nokia Lumia 920 should turn out to be quite interesting.

The Nokia Lumia 920 seems to excel particularly when set in auto – just point and shoot and done. That OIS is really doing a superb job.

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