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When is a phone too big?  Windows Phone device-makers have been toeing the line ever since they decided the original iPhone was just plain small and blew past its tidy proportions. Now 6 Inch Nokia's Phablet On the way. Nokia is rumoured to have a 41 megapixel Lumia handset in the offing, with the Nokia EOS rumoured for the June to August time frame. But with some tweaks, you can tame this beast and make it act like a docile smartphone.

You might wonder (or you might have commented to your friend with the sprawling device): If the phone's too big, why not just get a smaller one? If you're like me, your phone has evolved into a personal assistant and left your laptop collecting dust by the front door. But using your phone this way demands more screen size. So give a big phone a serious try‚ not the 10 minutes in the store, but a real try. Odds are you won't go back.


Quick Settings Quick Settings
The "Quick Settings" is the essential application for Windows Phone. It can help you quickly opened or closed Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, also added Close the Music, Flashlight, Battery Energy utility, and can create independent Quick Tile.


There are few settings on smartphones which we use on a regular basis and this includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, network toggle, Airplane mode, etc. But unlike Android and iPhone, Windows Phone does not have an option to toggle these from the notification center as it is missing. So if you want to use these phone settings quickly, you can try out Quick Settings app for Windows Phone.

The app can add these phone settings to start screen as tiles and you can easily access them with a click. You can create a tile for Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, location and switching off music.

LUMIA pusher LUMIA pusher
Manual updating system programs Nokia smartphones Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820, 920. The program uses only well-known direct url-links of the update system Nokia applications in the Windows Phone Store, not available during the search.


Nokia Pusher is an app which caches all these links so users can manually update their Settings apps as soon as they hear a new version has been released, rather than waiting for the update prompt to show.

FileBox FileBox
FileBox is a freeware app for Dropbox on WP8 which allows you to upload files from your device and also download images and documents from the user folder.


FileBox is a freeware app for Dropbox on WP8 which allows you to upload files from your device and also download images and documents from the user folder.

Battery Level for WP8 Battery Level for WP8
The app provides "missing feature" of Windows Phone 8 - the battery level percentage on the main screen and the lock screen. Pin the app to see Live Tile with battery status and remaining charge percentage on Windows Phone 8 main screen and lock screen.


Battery Level couldn't be simpler. For $0.99 it just puts a Live Tile on your Start screen or lock screen, and shows how much battery you have left on your phone. Opening up the app provides information on how long the battery will last before it croaks, alongside a historic chart showing how quickly it’s been dropping or charging. The default battery level in Windows Phone 8 doesn’t display percentage levels, and this is a hugely useful way to make sure your phone doesn't die on you unexpectedly.

Baconit Baconit
Baconit is a modern metro reddit app for Windows Phone. Baconit fully supports Windows Phone 8, and provides a beautiful, clean, fast, and easy interface to reddit.


If you're a Reddit power-user, the mobile website simply won't cut it. Baconit brings the Windows 8 styling to Reddit, giving you a ridiculously fast, free, and simple way to browse through all the news, cat GIFs, weird AMAs, and niche subreddits you could possibly want. Commenting and sharing is easy, as is getting lost down the brutally adorable rabbit hole that is r/aww.

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