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The word 'curry' is synonymous with Indian food! Even though, as popularly believed, not all Indian food is curry, there are some delicious examples of it in this varied, exotic cuisine. While it's cold outside, warm up with a curry!

Do you want to learn how to cook Indian food? A comprehensive guide to cooking and eating Indian cuisine with easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes from PandaApp Cuisine. If you a masterchef, show off your cooking skills here.

First, let's learn about spices.

Spices Benefits Spices Benefits
Indian cuisine is gaining in popularity as more and more people discover the health benefits of spices that go into the food making it flavorful as well as nutritious.


Indian Spices Indian Spices
A translation tool for Indian Spices. Currently supports Hindi-English and vice-versa. Includes images for better understanding.

Above 2 apps can help you to know Indian foods' basic ingredients.

And then, where can buy ingredients?


Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
Recipes from the award-winning food site Epicurious.com are now available on your mobile device. Search more than 30,000 delicious, professionally created recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, SELF, and renowned chefs and cookbooks.


Now everything is ready, you need a recipe! We recommend some recipes below:


SweetNSpicy SweetNSpicy
Sweet'N'Spicy is the largest collection of Indian Foods and Recipes powered by fullmeals.com. Sweet'N'Spicy has an total of 4000+ recipes spread across three major categories Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian to Vegan.


Recipe Shows Recipe Shows
Need to prepare quick dinner or snack, don't worry about a thing. We have all the favorite recipe videos from around the world. Watch and prepare the recipes you like from the available catalog.


Indian Cooking Recipes Indian Cooking Recipes
Want to suggest your Mom a new recipe or surprise your hubby with a new dish? Thinking of adding a new item in the menu for your kitty party or planning to prepare an interesting snacks for your kids for an after school meal?


MrRecipe MrRecipe
Mr. Recipe is a collection of some of the popular Indian Cuisines. The recipes have been broadly classified into two categories i.e. Vegetarian recipes and Non-vegetarian recipes.


Indian_Dishes Indian_Dishes
Hello Dudes its Time to taste Indian Top 5 Dishes Try it in your home and surprise your friends with this dishes Prepare top foods & Learn everything Here How to cook.. good Luck Enjoy the Nice time with indian specials..


"Hmm...I'm so tied today, I don't want to cook!"

"I come to India first time, can you tell me where can eat Indian cuisine?"...

Well, don't be worried! Here are some ways to help you to find cuisine.


Zomato Zomato
Zomato Restaurant Finder app gives you restaurant recommendations around you and lets you look at menus, pictures and maps for 75,000 restaurants in India.


Food Near Me! Food Near Me!
Food Near Me is an augmented reality that shows near by Food Places near you through your Phone's camera. Just Place your Phone on real world and get to know the food Places near you.


JustEat JustEat
Hungry? But too lazy to cook? Download the JustEat India Windows Phone App NOW.


Foodies Foodies
Indian food is different from rest of the world not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects a perfect blend of various cultures and ages.


"Wow! So nice foods! I must photo them and share them to my friends!"

"I'm proud of my cooking! Show them to my friends!'


iRecipes iRecipes
iRecipes, one of the best and distinguishing cooking recipe apps in the Marketplace. After 3 months, you will be the chef master in the world.


"Yummy...I'm full! I need relax."


Feed the Penguin Feed the Penguin
Feed the Penguin is logic game and a real masterpiece. It was drawn using brushes and special painting techniques.


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