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While chocolates and flowers are the traditional Mother’s Day gift, the Smartphone could be this year’s front runner as most useful gift to help make mum’s life easier. As our phones get smarter, mum’s life can be can now be organised at the touch of her fingertips.

Windows Phone is offering tips on some of the best apps available to help mum in her daily life - from choosing the perfect recipe for the foodie mum, to tracking the family’s personal finances, right through to making it easier to book the family in to the movies. The right combination of apps can help ease mum’s workload across the day:

1. Help Mom have more fun with pictures stored on her phone

Many smartphones come with photo editing options and the ability to share them. The latest mobile app Fhotoroom from SCI Fhotoroom takes that functionality one step further. Not only can users make edits and add photo effects, but they can also share photos with friends on with Skydrive, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Fhotoroom is a camera, photo editor and social experience network that has+130 high quality filters that can be combined in any way to give a moment in time a unique look and feel. Winography with style. The trial version is fully functional, but it is limited to only having access to +30 filters and the basic native camera option. You can save and share your beautiful photos in the trial version as well.


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