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Intellicam Free Intellicam Free
Intellicam frees your hands and lets you include yourself in the photo. You can find Intellicam Free here in the Windows Phone Store.


Intellicam Intellicam
Intellicam is the most innovative app of its kind, allowing you to take control of your phone's camera with only your voice, using face recognition technology to focus on the people in your photo. The paid version of Intellicam can be purchased in-app or here in the Windows Phone Store.


Nokia has been making a big deal about the camera on its Windows Phone 8 devices since the Lumia 920. However, the option for hands-free photo taking was always missing. Furthermore, the Windows Phone Store did not have such an application lying around, so users were forced to make use whatever was available.

That is no longer the case, however, for there is a new app in the Windows Phone Store that allows for hands-free image taking. The app is called Intellicam, and it was developed by Outcoder, a company from Switzerland.

Intellicam utilizes facial recognition and voice commands to activate the shutter. No need to reach for the shutter button or tap the screen. Just wait for someone to face the camera or say the trigger word ("cheese" by default).

Intellicam's interface is laid out simple. You have your camera view finder with trigger word displayed and two button controls along the bottom of the screen. One to mute the audio trigger and the other to control the flash.

With some Photoshop skill, watermarks can be removed, but not everyone wll want to fire up Photoshop and work magic.

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