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One of the things that impressed me about the Lumia 720 back at MWC was the video quality, sure it only captured 720p but it was impressive, especially the front facing camera.

The FFC on the 720 has the same 1.3 mp sensor/720p capable as the Lumia 920 (with the same wide angle lens). So we thought it would be cool to compare the two; another factor we wanted to compare was the audio recording seeing how the HTC One uses the same microphone from the 720 it’s bound to be good right?

Check out the videos below for video samples and comparisons and let me know which one you thought did better, the 920 or the 720?

"I know the 920 records form the main camera in 1080p; so I filmed in full HD then compressed it down to match the 720′s output."

Lumia 720 vs. 920 front facing camera comparison:

Lumia 720 vs. 920 Rear/Main camera comparison:

Lumia 720 main camera uncompressed video sample (alone):

via: mnb

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