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Man Only Needs His Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone to Climb Mount Everest

That man is Windows Phone owner and Skydiving enthusiast Minesh Mandalia who took his Lumia 800 to tackle Mount Everest.

“I was first considering taking a laptop to browse the internet, update my Twitter and Facebook, and back up my photos and videos but then realised I could take my phone and have all those features put into one small device. It was the perfect size to keep in my pocket so that I can quickly take it out and snap a photo or check the altitude. The best bit was I didn’t even have to take my gloves off when using the camera – I got some great photos.”

“My phone handled the trip really well, despite being exposed to freezing temperatures (up to – 20c!). It even worked perfectly when my fingers couldn’t,” says Minesh, adding: “It even managed to survive everything from getting bashed with trekking poles and hitting walls as you make way for the Yaks and Sherpas. Even in the bright sunlight reflecting off all the snow topped mountains and glaciers, I could still read my texts and messages on the screen.”

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