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This page is dedicated to providing up to date information on "jailbreaking" Windows Phone devices.

Devices and Status

Samsung 1st, 2nd generation: Interop Unlock possible with WindowBreak, version 7740 and below
LG (all generations): Interop Unlock possible with MFG application
HTC 1st generation: Interop Unlock possible, see Jailbreaking:HTC 1st Generation
HTC 2nd generation: No interop, jailbreak, or custom ROMs possible yet
Nokia: No interop/jailbreak yet

Types of unlocking
Windows Phone Hacker defines jailbreaking as "developer unlocking a device unofficially". This aside, the following levels of unlocking are possible:

Jailbreaking:The term "jailbreaking" is derived from the term commonly used to refer to running unsigned software on iOS devices. In Windows Phone terms, the usage may vary. For purposes of this wiki, "Jailbreaking" will refer to unlocking a Windows Phone device without an App Hub account or ChevronWP7 Labs token. Essentially, enabling sideloading on a device with no cost to the end users.

Developer Unlock: This allows third-party (homebrew) applications to be sideloaded onto the device. Max 10

Interop Unlock: This allows better access to the device, including areas Microsoft has locked down. Registry editors, file explorers, etc., require this.

Rooting: This allows higher privileges to be granted to applications. This is possible on devices with custom ROMs, or interop unlock. Dynamic Background and Lock Widgets require this.

Full Unlock: This allows native EXEs to be run on the device. This includes things such as the DFT Bluetooth file transfer application.

What unlocking does

Unlocking allows third-party customizations such as Folders, Orientation lock, Lock screen widgets, and Themes, as well as various tweaks and optimizations. Is it worth it? Yes.
It does not SIM unlock your device.

Force to Update: If you don’t have the update yet, try forcing it

If you have Windows Phone 7 Series phone and update to WP7.8, maybe in some models will find on the start page of the dynamic tiles become very slow, the speed is not as smooth as Windows Phone 7.5. A user takes a generation machines Mozart also have this phenomenon when using the phone in one day discovered a secret allows dynamic bricks back 7.5 speed, and now we look at how to execute your Windows Phone 7.8 Dynamic brick faster

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