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Here I am introducing you ten best free Windows Phone 7 apps for young kids. The reason, every young kid like to play with phones. Even babies like to play with phones even though they don’t know how to handle it. They may press here and there on the screen or button and pretend like they are calling. You can please your child if you hand over your smartphone for playing. Keep some best free apps for your children on your phone. Next time when you attend a function with your child and if you are between some important conversation hand over your phone to your child with any interesting stuff opened on it. Your child will not disturb you.

Here is my list of best free Windows Phone 7 apps for your young kids available in the Windows Phone Market Place.

1. Fireflies

A Simple game for your kids. Your kids can’t ignore the cute Fireflies in this game. Fireflies can be addictive for them. Catch Fireflies by swiping and blend its colors to match the goal.


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