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Most of us consider out pets as part of our families and we would do anything to take care of them. Here are some Windows Phone apps that pet lovers would appreciate.

In this list, I have included an app that can help you gain useful information that you might need for your pets like CPR and first aid. There are also apps that can aid you in keeping track of important details about your pet. With handy apps like these, your pet’s information will always be within your reach. Aside from functional apps, there are also a few ones that are created for entertainment purposes.

Check them out and suggest other apps if you deem that there’s any that I have missed.

Pet Buddy Pet Buddy
Pet Buddy allows you to easily manage all your pet's activities and expenses. Simply enter your pet's credentials and you can start building a database to keep track of their nutrition, medications, allergies, vaccinations, growth spurts, exercise, grooming and vets.

It helps you keep track of expenses incurred during grooming, medication purchases, nutrition and vaccinations. This application also is ideal for businesses that manage or care for pets. Pet Buddy also includes a training clicker to help discipline your pet. Another added bonus is the dog and cat age calculator that lets you find out your pet’s age in human years.

Dog Years Dog Years
Find out the real age of your pets.

Enter the birthday of your pet and see what age they are. Try it on yourself and see how old you would be if you were a cat or frog. Click on the animals to hear their voice.

Dog At Hand FREE Dog At Hand FREE
Dog At Hand Free will gather in one place and combine important information concerning your dog, its feeding and care.

It will identify and track food intake; daily, weekly and monthly expenditure on consumption. With the program you will able to save basic data of the animal including chip and passport number. It will keep the favourite food details: brand and flavour, pack, picture, weight, price, web page (orders, etc.), special offer and discount if any. You may also save your veterinarian/groomer contact data.

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