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Recombu has put Nokia’s claim of an improved camera in the Nokia Lumia 925 to test. They compared the camera to the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and the Nokia Lumia 920.

As the pictures above show, in bright light the 13 megapixel Samsung Galaxy S4 really delivers, the Nokia Lumia 920 delivers its usual fuzzy pictures, and the Nokia Lumia 925 is significantly sharper, and a close second to the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Predictably in low light Nokia’s cameras really come into their own.

Here the Samsung Galaxy S4 is clearly the worse, followed by a very fuzzy HTC One, and then the Nokia Lumia 920, and even here the Nokia Lumia 925’s low light pictures are much sharper.

It seems Nokia has delivered on their promise that the Nokia Lumia 925 is a good all-round camera, both in good light and in poor. What do you think? Share any thoughts in the comments section below.

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