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Two things we were expecting: in "Mango" a gaming rating system should be in place, allowing for this content and/or 'Twin Blades' gets fixed i.e. the violence is toned down. As of now, it looks like the latter is the case as we're getting numerous reports that the zombies now have green blood, which obviously tricks your brain into know that these are now aliens, not human zombies, right?

Surprisingly, it's still not available in the Marketplace to buy/re-download, though we're expecting that to happen at some point (we lost our copy months ago after a hard-reset). Only those who still have the game can update to the new v1.0.0.9. Sigh.

Update: Image above from PocketNow.

Update 2: Download and Purchase the game! Link is right here. (Thanks, whitneyjj)

Thanks, AtomicAgeZombie and Siegerstyle, for the heads up

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