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We’ve covered the Lumia 520 a bit in the past; so here’s the obligatory camera test that must be part of any review. The Lumia 520 has a 5 Mp camera without any form a flash, which means that you can’t use a torch while recording videos either.

Up first here’s a video sample in 720p (maximum output for the 520); unfortunately this is probably one of the only areas where the inferior specs of the 520 showed off, while recording I had some dropped frames and stuttering while filming; which you can see in the video sample below. The audio was also cutting out which is a bit disappointing; check it out below:

On the other hand in terms of images the 520 was very impressive, the lack of flash made for some poor low light images of course (so I didn’t bother with them); but it’s very easy to forget that the phone doesn’t have a flash.

The 520 also seems to have the same “darker viewfinder” issue that the 920 has; where the captured images always end up looking brighter and nicer than the viewfinder, which is good.

Check out some full res samples below (click to enlarge):

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