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A confession: I hate shopping. Oh, sure, I enjoy getting stuff for myself (who doesn’t?). And I love seeing my kids’ faces when they unwrap something I’ve bought them. But the packed malls, parking-lot duels, and other end-of-year holiday headaches?

So I attack my holiday shopping list with the surgical precision of an elite Seal team. My mission: get in and out, spending as little time (and ideally money) as possible. Apps play a big role in helping me pull this off. So if you survived the Black Friday stampede and still have more left on your shopping list, here are some great options for saving money and time. Which apps have you found handy?

Lists & Things Free Lists & Things Free
Lists & Things is a flexible, yet easy to use list management app and reminder app.

It supports both todo and shopping style lists, in one easy to use interface. Backup to Dropbox and SkyDrive supported.

Discount Calculator Discount Calculator
With all the sales in today’s stores, especially during the holiday season, computing the actual price after discounts can be tricky or tedious!

Store racks are a sea of yellow discount tags this time of year, making a simple shopping run more like math class. Discount Calculator is a basic but handy app that helps you quickly figure how much you’ll save and what you’ll pay at the register.

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