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Diablo 3! Love this game, cuz I'm also a big fan! And here I wanna share some apps for Diablo 3 players. And enjoy your game!

Diablo III Guide Diablo III Guide
Diablo 3 Guide includes everything you need to know about Diablo 3!

Full list of Diablo 3 Guide features:
- Class Skill Calculator. Plan out how you will build your character. Save as many character builds as you want!
- Live server status updates
- Full class list and descriptions
- Detailed active skills and related runes
- Detailed passive skills
- Full list of weapons and armor
- Full followers list and descriptions
- Description of new features in Diablo 3
- D3 official videos and twitter feed

v1.1 Update:
- Updated all active, passive skills, runes to release data
- Updated list of both weapons and armor with release data
- Add 'Server Status' page which displays status of the game servers and auction houses *
- Added 'the world' page which describes different aspects of the game
- Added Diablo 3 videos *
- Added official D3 twitter feed *
* internet connection is required for these features
- Any saved builds will have to be recreated to support updated data.

Send me your feedback for suggestions you would like in the next release!

This application is not affiliated, endorsed or licensed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Note: We will be releasing new features often send us your feedback!

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