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The Smiler The Smiler
Play the game of The Smiler, the new world first rollercoaster coming to Alton Towers Resort in 2013.

So it appears that the marketing of the new rollercoaster at Alton Towers called The Smiler has lead to a mobile game that is in two words “bizarre” yet “awesome”. The simulator/ rollercoaster game is based off the coaster that opened up officially May 31st 2013 and is said to have the record for the most inversions on any roller coaster in the world, with 14. Unfortunately , due to technical issues and breakdowns the ride has been in and out of commission. But, ENOUGH about the ride, lets take a look at the game!:

---The Smiler Game---
- Experience the intense thrills, twists and turns of the ride ahead of its Spring 2013 opening
- Take control of The Smiler ride cars and the minds of the rollercoaster riders
- Steer a perfect line through the inversions of the ride
- Take advantage of the boost to maximise your scoring potential
- Upgrade the rollercoaster step by step by unlocking loops and psychological effects

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