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Glow Arkanoid Glow Arkanoid
Ultimate arkanoid in the space environment. Complete all challenges, compare your score in daily/weekly online rankings.

Glow Arkanoid for Windows Phone is free for a limited time – for at least 24 hours, but not more than 2 days! Grab it from the Store now Standard price for this game is $1.49 USD.

Glow Arkanoid is a popular game from creators of the game HexaLines. It is an arkanoid / breakout game located in the space environment. You play with multiple balls, the bricks are smashed with nice glowing effects. You can earn challenges and compare the score in online rankings. There are 20 levels and 30 challenges. The game offers a long-lasting entertainment, every level is slightly different every time.

Key features:

- 30 achievements
- online score rankings
- stereo sound, original music
- Fast App Switching (auto save)

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