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The creators of the concept app “sWiPe” had another vision that would go along with their ideal Windows Phone experience: a Start button that actually slides to the left and to the right.

This would allow users to access the notification center (which sits on the left of the home screen) from anywhere by sliding the button to the left, and the multitasking pane by sliding to the right.

Thus, notifications would be just as accessible as the current best solution: swiping from the top of the screen.

However, this concept would actually make using the back button (something much more commonly used than a notification center) tougher to access. To go back, you would have to slide to the left and then hold the button there for a brief moment.

Tell us your thoughts of the concept video in the comments below! I personally like the way Windows Phone is set up right now, since I think it’s more user friendly and faster to use. And I believe a notification tray at the top of the screen is still the best implementation.

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