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Coming soon to Windows 8 is the game we’ve all wanted, but was to afraid to ask for..From a Kickstarter to a upcoming game, Combat Cats is coming and is in essence a Bejeweled style title where you connect bricks to break them. The game so reminds of us Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. Check it out below to know what we mean!


Combat Cats is coming and is in essence a Bejeweled style soon where you have to connect bricks to break them.You do this by swapping out your current brick with any brick on the board. The special twist with Combat Cats is that you are also fighting enemies the entire time! — When you match a combination of missile bricks, you will shoot missiles at the enemy. If you match poison bricks, you will poison the enemy. — All the while, you are taking damage too! So you must repair your ship by connecting repair bricks! Connecting more bricks creates nuclear bricks. A nuclear brick will blow up in a special pattern, clearing larger areas of the board. The more bricks you match at once, the larger the nuke will be. — To use a nuke, all you have to do is tap it, and it detonates!

As you adventure, you will fight bosses to obtain catnip pieces. You can then use them for special upgrades.

Let just hope its just as popular with the gaming community!

Source: Kickstarter  Pocketgamer

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