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Total Conquest, Gameloft’s newest RTS game that was announced back in August as coming to Windows Phone, is now available for Android as well as iOS. With that said, the turn around time for the release of the game on Windows Phone will be as an Xbox title that will most likely be free to all users on the platforms. Check out the launch trailer below:

"Set in Roman times, Total Conquest is a city-building, RTS game in which players must build and fortify their cities in order to thrive. Building your population, collecting resources, and sending your army to raid other villages is imperative to rise above your enemies. The combat takes place in real time, giving you a taste of tactical warfare as you lead your army to victory."

With a lack of game like Age Of Empires on the Windows Phone/Windows 8, one can only hope that this void will be filled by all the avid users who enjoy these types of games.

Source: YouTube

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