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I have just purchased a Nokia Lumia 925 for my better half, and of course also got a wireless charging back.  The experience has however been rather underwhelming, as the charging cover is terribly finicky and did not work well at all.

Ideally Nokia would have sold the device with wireless charging built-in, but an increasing number of brave folk are taking the matter into their own hands and are building wireless charging directly into their phones.

For those contemplating the warranty-busting move, Mr Status Tech and his friend Austin have posted this video tutorial going step by step through the process.

While the process appears relatively simple, some steps are fraught with the danger of permanently damaging your smartphone, and of course without a warranty that would be an expensive mistake.

Given that the new, modded cover with the coil attached appears pretty self-contained, one wonders of some-one like Brando could not release a kit consisting of a replacement back with the wireless charging coil already integrated.  I am sure such a solution would see a much greater update.

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Via Reddit.com

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