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Now boys and girls, lets keep in mind that this is only a rumor from a source with no reputation, but with plausible notions and sources that make this one more than reliable in my opinion. EA, just one of the many gaming partners that we have all grown to love announced back in August that it was looking to further its alliance with Microsoft. We’ve just got word that in fact not only were they not just talking the talk, but indeed they are strongly committed to bring gamers the games longed for only imaginable once upon a time on the Xbox. Below is a reported list of the games we can look to see ported and Xbox Live enabled on our upcoming Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices, take a look!:

Real Racing 3

A game only announced for iOS  and slated for this year is rumored as coming to our beloved (W8/WP8) devices in all its glory! Check out info and alpha video from the iOS version below:

The Real Racing series was developed by Firemint in 2009 and the recently announced Firemonkeys team is excited to unveil a few features from the newest iteration of the series. Featuring all-new licensed tracks and a robust lineup of licensed cars from all-new manufacturers, Real Racing 3 is set to deliver a rich, next-gen racing experience with the most beautiful and authentic circuit racing available on mobile devices.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

A game that only makes sense as an Xbox Live title will hopefully finally make its way over to its rightful home! Check out video and info from the Android version below:


Can you fight your way off the hostile Cerberus base and deliver their secret research to the Alliance? Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay. Harness the fury of high-tech armor and weapons. Unleash biotic powers, stealth cloak abilities and devastating melee attacks.

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