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Kubik Adventures is a WP7 game that will keep you sitting on that bench and miss your bus. It’s highly addictive and fun.

Kubik Adventures game has three adventures and three unique characters. Each adventure make you cross a different world. There are five different worlds in total. There are 5 treasures and the premise of Kubik Adventures game is always finding them.

You can select the player and difficulty depending on how crafty, witty and quick you are. Click off all cubes you see as fast as possible to collect Time bonus. There are in fact four different bonuses one can collect. Time, Chain, Combo and Monster bonus.

There are 30 levels in all and various game options as well. There are monsters that make your life miserable, but there are also surprise characters that will help you with these monsters.

Kubik Adventures is really a puzzle game, but don’t let that fool you. Danger and traps await behind every corner.


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