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In a world where wearable tech seems to be the next big thing (google glass, Galaxy gear etc.) it should come as no surprise that Nokia are/were working on their own smart watch concept. The watch rather than having a single display is actually composed of 6 physical segments that make the wristband of the watch. This means that you can have up to six different “apps” or processes running at once, or should you choose to; have a single process running on all six.

Engadget have gotten their hands on a video demo of the watch in action, and it looks pretty interesting (I can’t make out what the OS is, it looks like S40/Asha Os simply due to the icons and the way the mail is displayed, but the lock screen makes me think Symbian).

Of course this is just a prototype design, so if it ever did come to market it would probably look much different, but nonetheless it is an interesting stray away from the norm of smartwatches and wearables.




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