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After scene journalist experience, Surface of RT including Explorer, Control Panel, Windows Desktop Office.

Live broadcast ends, win8 live up to the force. Attention to follow-up reports to the master station. By the way, Surface RT file manager

Conference is over, and later we are concerned about finishing master live, we will also bring you Surface RT field experience video Oh!

Windows 8 will have two versions of the regular version and the Pro version, on October 26, official listed. Windows 8, Surface RT, Windows 8 tablet/Super/one machine, today's announcement, which is your favorite?

A Surface RT user, later this week will be able to get a real machine. PandaApp will bring you detailed evaluation

He Lefu: today I wanted to thanks again members of attended, I wanted to please you guest and our OEM, cooperation partners together into next room to go to fully experience about Windows 8, regardless of is through touch screen also is other of way, and in experience process in the, with we cooperation partners discussion about they of features design and highlights, thank you very much with us through this very important moment, thank you!

He Lefu: "this week of last day, October 26, you can online, or through our partners can begin to buy Windows 8, then just there are two versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8 Professional version, Windows 8 Pro is the professional version of the business people, the latter functionality is richer, there are additional security measures."

He Lefu: "we have seen a lot of, I would like to do some directional introduced, we can see the Surface sale scheme, our partners Suning will go to sales, this is a very important partner."

Come on, look at the Surface and the comparison of the thickness of the New iPad, thinner. Lighter than the New iPad.

At a kiosk with a Surface on the other side open Home, sliding experience consistent with the WP experience, and more smooth than the iPad. Flash video is very smooth.

He Yuefu came to power speech, published Conclusion.

He Yuefu with Mr Sinofsky invited on stage.

Sinofsky at the Surface of the show in the hands of RT, Oh, he should step on Surface skateboards

Surface of the display area, is our greatest concern. 5 Touch Cover color cobble together Ah!

Kid Steve Sinofsky said:" it should not be like me, use their Surface RT for skateboarding."

Steve Sinofsky back on stage, began to introduce Microsoft Surface RT, as well as Windows RT system.

Mr Wei describes end, the scene now on Click of the playing Surface in advertising! Surface RT coming soon.

Distortion this one debut, debut Windows RT equipment, integration of various traditional interfaces, is one of the highlights ARM device.

ASUS switch shows episodes release adds some relaxed atmosphere to the scene. Lenovo Yoga out, flipped 360 °. Mr Wei Qing began to focus on cross-border distortion, including Yoga, Fujitsu, etc.

Mr Wei Qing continued to introduce video capabilities of Windows 8. Today is the Festival, he watched video of the live demo Windows 81 of the father, and e-mail. Windows 8 to do multi-tasking, such as work, play, scenes of a compatible, through user-defined work area, for a variety of tasks to categorize shows.

Local brands a few of today's debut, the great wall, HASEE, Tsinghua tongfang has appeared. Mobile desktop, touch screen notebook claimed the human eyeball.

He describes the Windows 8 is a platform product, designed for a variety of devices, today's live beta area there are more than 50 Windows devices. Windows for different products, users do not have cross-device threshold.

Lv Zhichao shows end, following Microsoft's product manager for greater China Wei Qing, play Windows 8 devices, Windows 8 for 21 different devices detected at the scene.

Lv Zhichao start demo now, with Liu Haijie is different, Lv Zhichao shows through a traditional mouse and keyboard on a PC, more fitting present for most users.

Liu Haijie demonstrates the use of Windows 8 at the scene, including everyone, micro-blogging, QQ, PPTV, United States tuxiuxiu and local applications. Two college student Liu Haijie and Lv Zhichao jump gangnam style together through Windows at the scene 8

Steve Sinofsky describes end, invited Liu Haijie from Beijing science and Technology University, and now Lv Zhichao, who as Microsoft's campus ambassadors, will be on site to introduce you to Windows 8 features. Starting from college students now on site demonstration.

Sinofsky describes, all Windows applications Store in the Mall, in all Windows 8 will run on devices, including Tablet, a desktop computer, and so on. Therefore, for developers, need to develop only once, multiple platforms for commercial gain can be

When it comes to shopping mall, Sinofsky noted that there are a large number of applications are developed for Chinese users

Sinofsky describes the picture browse function of Windows 8 "clean, beautiful, and intuitive", she integrated the SkyDrive, Fliker and many other online services.

Steve Sinofsky: Windows 8 is highly personalized, is application-centric.

Steve Sinofsky: Windows 8 will not only depend on the movement of the mouse, you can switch through touch. We believe that we have to move quickly between applications, and that such a move should be a natural interface to complete, this intuitive design of ideas, at the same time we have to ensure that the user does not have the idea of any compromise. We can see a notebook and Tablet PC, both of these are PC, one keyboard, one touch, but we can combine the two, do not need to choose, you want to be PC when PC use, wants to be a tablet computer on when the tablet computer. Windows 8 was the realization of the desktops, joint between the notebook and touch screen PC. We bear this in mind at the outset, because they work differently, entertainment differently, have different things to do, no one wants to use different computers in different situations, so by Windows 8 and quick, smooth experience, could go to work across a variety of platforms.

Now Mr Steven Sinofsky is introducing a series of features of Windows 8, including Start Screen, contacts, and other important features.

By Windows 8 and quick experience, we would be crossing boundaries between PC and tablet, our cloud will provide a better service for everyone. You may share any information you want, experience on a variety of terminals will be consistent. Through the Windows 8, we will be able to make PC with mobile anytime, anywhere using, more freedom and no limits.

Windows father of Mr. Steve Sinofsky took office, the Windows 8 concept and design ideas, and will introduce Windows 8 related equipment for all media.

He Yuebin: today we opened a new page in its history, will give that to you, I am very honoured today to the President of the Windows and Windows Live Division, who is also father of Windows 8, he was strongly supported and participated in Microsoft's business development in China, which let Steven.

Microsoft already has more than 20 years of experience in localization in China, China is huge for Microsoft's business plan, China is also home to large quantities of equipment design, development, manufacture, Microsoft's massive hardware partner, developer, digital media partners in China, we are pleased to be able to grow with them.

The conference began play first president of Microsoft Greater China Hele Bin conference speech. For Microsoft, is a very important market for all Microsoft partners. Seize the Chinese market is very important for us.

Mr. Steve Sinofsky just to lion dotting the start of the conference!

Activities have already begun, and start playing on the big screen at the scene full promotional video for Metro style (too Metro, at any time can't standing), Windows appears!

Start immediately on the big screen of the scene has been rolling broadcast Metro style photo reads: we shine, we love communication tagline of Windows 8

Today's conference must be full of Chinese flavor. Tell you a secret, all guests of the site is actually sitting on a large piece of glass, can be seen directly on the first floor, they do not know.

My God! What's it? Clear water and gold eye beast? Your touches do not move so we shots!

Microsoft Windows 8 conference is about to begin in Shanghai at Beijing morning at 9:30, PandaApp at the scene to bring you real-time broadcast graphics, continuing concerned about the PandaApp, we witness Windows 8 amazing change.

The live broadcast notice: The conference will begin 15 minutes after. Take advantage of this time WPDang reporter slipped a display area, the scene there are all kinds of windows 8 product display area, one machine, tablet.

Windows 8, soon announced. Microsoft guests who? Would be the tread surface skateboard sinofsky it?

Is about to officially begin five minutes after the many Windows 8 devices in the booth on the scene, including one machine, laptop, deformation over most of this tablet, you can see the Surface this?

via: wpdang

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